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As Google Ad Expert, we believe your business should grow as fast as you want. With a variety of PPC packages around the world, you can scale your website's growth in the way that suits you best. We are the PPC Company that provides the most suitable digital marketing plan for your business, regardless of size or budget. We can help you achieve your main goals!

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* We share Google invoices along with our services invoices with our clients.

*Ad performance report will be shared with clients.

*The final pricing of packages mentioned above vary by +/- 10% - 20%

How to minimise Google Ad Click fraud?

Google Ad Click fraud occurs when someone intentionally clicks on your ads to waste your advertising budget, artificially inflate your ad metrics or try to damage your business. Here are some ways to minimize click fraud in your Google Ads campaigns:

  • Monitor your campaigns regularly: Regularly check your ad metrics, such as click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate to spot any unusual patterns or spikes in traffic.
  • Use IP exclusions: Exclude IP addresses that repeatedly click on your ads from seeing your ads in the future.
  • Limit ad exposure: Set limits on the number of times your ads are shown to the same user. This can reduce the risk of your ads being repeatedly clicked by the same person.
  • Implement click fraud detection software: There are various click fraud detection software available that can help identify and block fraudulent clicks. We use the Click fraud detection software Fraud blocker which blocks fraudulent clicks on your Google ads.
  • Use location targeting: Target your ads to specific geographic locations where you expect genuine customers to be, rather than globally.
  • Set up conversion tracking: Track and measure the actual conversions you receive from your ads, rather than just clicks or views. This can help identify if your ads are actually generating valuable leads.
  • Keep your ad content relevant: Ensure your ads are relevant to your target audience, making them less likely to attract fraudulent clicks.

By implementing these strategies, you can minimise the risk of click fraud and ensure that your Google Ads campaigns are reaching genuine customers.

Below is examples of how the Fraud blocker report of fraud clicks.
The report clearly shows that it saves approximately Rs. 320 in seven days. Images from forisaqua ads and Fraud blocker dashboard.

google ad packages - Forisaqua Google Ad 7 days Feb 6 12 2023 - Google Ad Packages
google ad packages - Forisaqua Google Ad 7 days Feb 13 19 2023 - Google Ad Packages
google ad packages - app fraudblocker dashboard 2023 02 20 12 22 08 - Google Ad Packages
google ad packages - app fraudblocker stats 2023 02 20 12 29 26 - Google Ad Packages