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If you have ever hosted an event, you will understand how painful and time-consuming the ticketing process can be. These are the times when most of the event ticketing systems fail, forcing you to do all the stressful and complex work! This is where our new service EVENT TICKETING comes into play. IPSense Consulting expert team is here to carry out all your complex online event ticketing process so that you can enjoy your event.

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Put together multiple events with few clicks!

Putting on multiple events is simple. All thanks to the ability to use the same template again and again, saving time for setup. You can add automatic attendee surveys with custom fields and recycle questions for each event. For added convenience, Events Ticketing lets you view your sales across multiple events from one page, providing you insights about the event performance.

Easy to use Ticketing for both host and attendees

Once you start using Event Ticketing, you can set up an event within minutes and have ticket sales flowing straight into your PayPal or Paytm account that same day! The ticket service for events provides the host not only an easy operation but also the participants. As far as ticket pages go, they can either be embedded in your site or shared via links.

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View your sales and revenues across multiple events

You can set up simple discounts for individual tickets, whole orders, bulk ticket purchases, and even secret discounts. Event Ticketing offers Facebook Pixel tracking. Through Facebook tracking, you can accurately track conversions and automated SEO, including structured data, so that Google understands your event info.

Happy Customers, Happy You.

Through IPSense Consulting Event Ticketing service, provide your customers with the best experience e of ticketing while ensuring ease and convenience for them. Host many fantastic events as our team of experts work to make this happen. Pages also include a Google Maps section that shows the event location, and you can check people in through your website or by scanning a QR code

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We focus on providing high value to our customers at a minimal price.

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