WordPress Website Performance Speed 1second – WordPress Speed Pro

Are these Questions pertaining to your website bothering you?

  • How can i improve my Wordpress site performance?
  • How do i reduce the loading time on my wordpress site?
  • Why is my wordpress site slow?
  • How can i speed up my wordpress site without plugin?

The answer to all of your above questions get settled with WordPress Speed Pro.

WordPress Caching

WordPress Speed Pro provides an intelligent, modern caching system to boost wordpress website speed and performance. You can even cache AJAX request, dynamic pages, and you can add exceptions (URL, page or content based rules).

Page caching is working out of the box. It is compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress, Cloudflare and Varnish as well. It will boost your performance, speed and improve SEO scores, and create a better user experience.

Image Optimization

To achieve the best website speed performance you have to optimize your images. WordPress Speed Pro provides a highly customizable, unlimited Image Optimizer and a long term website speed booster solution.

You can set the desired quality (even lossless) for each optimization process, and you also can resize and optimize uploaded images automatically. There is an option to keep original images and compare them with the optimized ones.

You can also automatically generate WebP for every images and serve WebP for compatible browsers.

Database Optimization


Keeping your database clean is extremely important for website speed. WordPress Seed Pro has a built in DB Optimizer to maintenance WordPress database.

It detects and clear expired transients, orphan and duplicated terms, metadata and attachments. WordPress Speed Pro also handle spammy / deleted comments.

You can also schedule every tasks. It has never been easier to keep your WordPress database clean.

CSS & JS Optimization

One of the most important thing for performance is optimize the delivery of static resources to client browser from website. WordPress Speed Pro not only combines and minify the CSS files, but generates the Critical CSS for each website page automatically.

Also Javascripts (even inline scripts) can be combined, minified, and move to footer without any conflict.

Huge combined javascript files may still be render blocking, however with our unique Async Execute solution, you can not only combine/minify the scripts, but you can run them individually as soon as a chunk has been downloaded – which provides incredibly fast JS execution, improves SEO scores, website speed and user experience.

Plugin Organizer

With Plugin Organizer you can disable plugins on certain pages, and let plugins run only where it is really necessary.

Plugins are a big part of WordPress, however sometimes not properly written plugins can cause website performance issues. With Plugin Organizer you can set URL match, Frontend, Admin Pages and AJAX action disable rules and exceptions to get the best performance results.

Many more…

  1. Browser Cache
  2. Cache Preloading
  3. Database Optimization
  4. Plugin Organizer
  5. Google Analytics Bypass
  6. Extended CDN Support
  7. GZIP compression
  8. Mobile Support
  9. Multisite Compatibility
  10. Remote Cronjobs
  11. WooCommerce, WPML Support
  12. GDPR Compliance